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How can we serve you today?

We strive to be a one-stop shop for all your digital requirements, so we offer solutions ranging from domain registration & hosting, website & logo design, website development and refinement. Our success comes from enabling you to meet your business goals!

We are especially geared to provide the following services:
Having an online presence is crucial for success in today`s digital world and we are here to help you get exactly that. A website contains all the information about your business and it should assist you get more business and exposure to clients.
With more and more clients shopping online, e-commerce is the place to be. Clients are nowadays very comfortable with sourcing products from their couch and we can assist you making your products and services available to these customers.
You have an existing website that needs some love? Allow us to revitalise it with the latest trends and technologies available to ensure it generates maximum exposure and business for you.
We want to assist you in getting optimal exposure to your target market. Although the online channel is only one facet, it is undoubtedly the most important one for businesses of the future. Web content, e-commerce, online advertising and social media are your enablers and we are here to assist you in extracting optimal value from it for your specific line of business.
Good visual communication helps you attract and retain customers in today`s competitive environment. Good design comes from the use of images and colour in a smart way to help customers identify and associate with your business thereby ultimately establish your brand. We are here to help you design your websites, logos and other business stationary to get your brand out there.
Registering domain names, finding web hosting providers and optimising your websites for search engines might seem like a hassle, but we will gladly manage these tasks for you resulting in more time for you to focus on your core business function - making money.

Why should you choose Zachary Franklin?

We believe that every engagement and project has to woo our clients - the most trusted advertising medium is word of mouth! So rest assured that we are here to serve you to the best of our ability and you can look forward to all these advantages when working with Zachary Franklin:

Who are we


Who is Zachary Franklin?

Zachary Franklin is the brainchild of two professionals, an actuary and an adviser, that developed a love for design, coding and most other things digital. Technology is advancing at breakneck speeds today and we firmly believe it is only a matter of time before it revolutionises every form of business and interaction we`ve all been used to up to now.

Coming back to the actual question, we are a web development institution aimed at individuals, start-ups and small enterprises. If you are reading this, chances are great that you are in need of our services - so make contact and let`s start doing great things together!

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